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Jesus and his Mom

Thrfit Store, East Village, NYC

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More Experiments

Another Experiment: click here (hint: click the photos). This one is more interactive. Still old photos. Thanks to Bryce Ebel for the help.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pictures of Pictures

Here's something new I'm working on: Pictures of Pictures. It's all old photos that have been seen before. It's more of an exercise for an idea than an actual product. But it's ART.

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Love Lust and Desire

Sending 4 prints of "Hannah, Twenty-Nine Palms, CA (2008)" off to the "Love, Lust, and Desire" show at the McGowan Fine Art Gallery in Concord, NH. If you live in NH, go get one for Valentines Day!

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and now for something completely different...


The Eleven Greatest Instrumental Songs of All Time

1.) Don Caballero- Fire Back About Your New Baby's Sex

2.) The Mercury Program- You Give Me Problems About My Business

3.) Tortoise- Seneca

4.)Rachel's- Water From The Same Source

5.) Godspeed! You Black Emperor- Storm

6.) Antlers- Bur Oak

7.) Explosions in the Sky- Your Hand In Mine

8.) Sharks Keep Moving- Third Instrumental

9.) Unwed Sailor- Nauvoo

10.) Lymbyc Systym- Processed Spirits

11.) El Ten Eleven- My Only Swerving

Honorable Mention-
The Holding Pattern- Indie Beat
Don Caballero- Railroad Cancellation
The Mercury Program- Gently Turned On Your Head
The Dragon Rapide- Kiss The Shuttle
The Six Parts Seven- A Blueprint of Something Never Finished
Air- African Velvet
Penguin Cafe Orchestra- Air A Danser
Dianogah- The Smallest Chilean
Pennines- Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Lima Oscar Lima
The Player Piano- Scanning Faces
Toe- New Sentimentality
Mirror- Pass the Town, And to the C
Miaou- Scene of Sunrise

puerto rican airport

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